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Chiang Mai Immigration Q & A - Info and reports. (2020)

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I can generally report very crowded at CM Sanambin IO this morning.  Some efforts were being made there to accommodate the large number of supplicants inside and out, such as some cover and plastic screening inside, but the crowd inside was much too tightly-packed.  However, an education extension only took 3.5 hours  with arrival at 08:30.  No agent.


Much of the general confusion of late posted on ThaiVisa seems to be about emergency extensions to tourist visas, and the comments seem basically Bangkok-based.  After doing a fair scan of more than 30 pages of posts I can recall only one involving the Chiang Mai and Lamphun offices. Not to diminish the concerns of tourists, but what is going on regarding other situations?


I can not recall seeing anything helpful regarding any sort of changes in rules for NON-O (retirement) and NON-OA (retirement) extensions. Any news about the CM office?


I can not recall anything helpful regarding the situations of those who are taking the conversion route necessitated by their inability to obtain the mandated Thai health insurance coverage. Any information?  I can only speculate that with borders closing and their current status in Thailand closing out, they either have to get out immediately and wait abroad somewhere until travel restrictions are lifted or be detained or expelled. I found one post in which someone was given 7 days to leave the country.



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Last I checked, one week ago, the queue app doesn't work. It's been like that for at least 4 months, don't know why they don't fix it once and for all and save people some time!

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