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Chiang Mai Immigration Q & A - Info and reports. (2020)

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On 8/17/2020 at 1:28 PM, FredLee said:

my current extension was set to expire on 08 Sep. My new extension is until 26 Sep 2021. I was told by her that the extra days were because of the covid extensions.

My current retirement extension is set to expire on 12 Sep....


..... and thus I renewed my retirement extension today, using my 3000bt agent, who'd submitted the paperwork to Imm yesterday. Thus, we waltzed into Imm, headed to the right, thru a door to a "Staff Only" office. Surprisingly, there were more folks with their agents waiting here than out front, where only about 10% of the first row of seats were taken (this 1:30PM Wed). Nevertheless, five minutes later, I was called, had my photo taken, then had my newly stamped passport handed to me. Never ever reviewed any paperwork, nor signed anything there -- this having been handled the day before in the agent's office.


Now, unlike FredLee, who apparently has a Non Imm O visa from which his extensions emanate -- my original visa is OA, thus I needed to get the LMG insurance policy. The policy's dates are: Begin 12 Sep 2020, expire 12 Sep 2021. Since policies begin at 1600, this allows full coverage of my new extension period of 13 Sep 2020 thru 12 Sep 2021.


But, again unlike FredLee, my extension was dependent on the insurance dates, thus it begins 13 Sep, not 26 Sep; and from other threads, 26 Sep seems to be the starting date for many and most extension renewals taking place in Aug and Sep -- unless something like insurance coverage precludes it, e.g., my situation.


So, next year I can go to renew on 30 July -- 45 days before expiration -- thanks to the onerous requirement for Thai insurance. For FredLee, and many others with 26 Sep 2021 expiration dates, thanx to the amnesty, there just may be a mass queue beginning 14 Aug, i.e., 45 days ahead of expiration date. Just a slight serendipity for me, having to purchase that crummy insurance.





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