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From Battambang to Pattya or Bangkok

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How to get from (Cambodia) Battambang  -> Pailin -> border -> (Thailand) -> something -> bus to Bangkok? I don't want a taxi. Nor a mini-bus / van in Thailand.


Are there buses on all those routes? Or something cheap? songteo?

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Hi, did you ever found your way there? Are you Cambodian? The reason I asked because I'm.

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Once you get to the border, either at Daung/Ban Laem or Psar Prum/Ban Pakkard:


Ban Pakkard



1 options for minivan to Pong Nam Ron on Highway 317 (about 35km) and take bus from here to Chanthaburi city

2 minivan to Chanthaburi city - used to be 120b, likely 150+ now

Timetables ... minivans from Ban Laem used to be hourly during the day but it's about 4yrs since I've been there. Ban Pakkard is less popular they may wait till van is full.

Note the minivans to Chan city will stop at a small terminal opposite Robinson's in Chantanamit on the east side of the river.

This is not Chan bus station, you'll need a taxi to the main bus station across the river and central city area, or could walk in maybe 45 minutes

Buses hourly to Bangkok from here, Cherdchai the operator, plus the government bus service which I think is still morning only

Reminder that you're unlikely to meet anyone who speaks English 




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Are you still there? How's the nightlife?

But seriously, I'm surprised the minivan traffic wasn't there, how did you get to Pong Nam Ron and beyond?

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