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Mr Dome

Powertrippin' immigration Cops at DMK

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Seems a bit OTT... some do tend to go off on a tangent if you break 'the rules' and the farang is not in their good books at the mo. Weren't tempted to give her the finger then. 😋

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1 minute ago, melvinmelvin said:

I think you might experience <deleted> sheit then? at several airports in Europe,


I would fully expect similar IO attitudes if this happened in the US



In my experience, IOs are not hepful, they represent potential problems, all over the world.

In the US; genuinly unhelpful - they probably use part of their free time to hone their unhelpfullness.

Africa; <deleted>. South America; can be awfully difficult.


only places I have received helpfull guidance from IOs are Australia and Thailand


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