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Need recommendations on air purifiers

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54 minutes ago, Trujillo said:

I bought a Mi 3H. 

Seems to do what it's supposed to, although the app doesn't work (but who needs to use it, anyway?). 


FYI, it's interesting to see that when you turn on your AC, the PM2.5 count goes up due to the particulate matter stuck in the AC filters (if yours has any filters -- one Panasonic I have has none). So clean your AC filters often, is a good tip. 


The Xiaomi Home app does work. You may need to go to profile/settings and change the region to Thailand. That is what I had to do.


Edit: After changing the region, search for devices again.

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After you decide on an air purifier the next step is to seal up the leaks in the house; mainly around windows and doors. I used a roll of 3M transparent and waterproof nano tape that is very cheap from Lazada or Aliexpress. Makes a huge deference. Of course nothing but a bubble is going to keep the PM2.5 out of your house but this treatment will help to keep the purified air in.Don't forget the humidifying factor as well.

The good thing about new-borns is they sleep most of the time, so it will be easy to create a 'safe-zone' in a bedroom and feel confident that your child is protected without being disturbed.


I have two young kids and they were getting very restless being held-up in the house for 6wks during Feb-Mar. last year. My strategic defense for this year is a 3-sided perimeter of water misting nozzles (25) in our enclosed porch setting at the back of the house.I hope to reduce the PM figures so my kids and their friends (whom I know have little in way of environmental protection in their homes) can at least play outside. Have not fully set-up and tested this idea yet but in the very least will cool and humidify our immediate environment.


Good luck - get your house prepared...the 'death-cloud' arrived last year on Feb.11 and didn't abate till May.

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On 1/22/2020 at 4:10 PM, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


That would be a very bad setup... Wonder if the Xiaomi machines doing that are China local or their global models?


I wish someone with a global Xiaomi unit and would post more clearly on just how its AUTO or similar mode functions, and what PM2.5 levels the AUTO or similar mode maintains at.... and what PM2.5 levels correspond to any green/yellow/red colors on the readout.


I have xiaomi pro global and the auto mode try to keep the pm 2.5 at around 50. For this reason, I use a fixed speed and easily maintain a reading under 10 and outside it's over 120.

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38 minutes ago, Tayaout said:

I have xiaomi pro global and the auto mode try to keep the pm 2.5 at around 50. 


Thanks for that!  Just to be clear, do you mean 50 AQI or 50 micrograms of PM2.5? I'm assuming you mean micrograms because that's what the Xiaomi units show as their digital readout, not AQI.


Assuming you mean a level of 50 micrograms, that's too high and not very healthy to be breathing in a purified air environment.  But both China and Thailand allow higher levels of PM2.5 pollution than other countries... And of course Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer with China geared products.


If you look at the graphic below showing a comparison of the US vs the China AQI scales for PM2.5 pollution (with micrograms as the lower scale values), you'll see that while the two are the same at the higher levels of pollution, the China scale allows much higher levels of pollution before declaring the air red/unhealthy. The U.S. red category starts at about 55 micrograms, whereas the Chinese equivalent red level looks to start only at about 115 micrograms.







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