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Two year old boy killed in mass shooting at Lopburi shopping mall

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Two year old boy killed in mass shooting at Lopburi shopping mall



Picture: 77kaoded


At least three people have been killed, including a two year old boy, after a gunman opened fire at a shopping mall in Lopburi.


The incident took place at around 8.30pm on Thursday during a botched robbery at a gold store located inside the mall.


The masked gunman shot a security guard and staff member at the store before firing at the boy who was walking hand in hand with his mother. 


Five other people, including a foreign tourist, were also injured in the attack and were rushed to hospital for treatment where their conditions are described as serious. 


Police said that the security guard and staff member died at the scene, while the boy died in hospital a short time later. 


The incident was captured on CCTV, which later showed the gun fleeing on a white and red Yamaha Fino motorcycle. 


On Friday morning, some Thai news outlets reported the death toll had risen to five.


Source: 77kaoded



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WARNING: The following video may be disturbing for some viewers. Discretion is advised
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Just a  quick read of the link shows you the    amount of  shootings and murders  actually  going on daily. Lands of  smiles  fallacy , always  has been, as the economy  sinks  expect even  more, espe

How could anyone be that sick?

Dont bother arresting this guy. Just put him down.

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2 minutes ago, Grumpy John said:

I guess if you've been here long enough it tends to become mundane.....but I doubt ever in the rest of my life will the shooting of a 2 year old kid in cold blood ever be mundane to me.   Lets all hope that the police find this scumbag and shoot him down like the rabid dog he is. 

in 7 years in SE Asia, i've been near (distance) to 2 shootings, zero elsewhere, but this is just worse than i experienced. shopping mall, young child with mother, should be safe, anywhere in the world. my children were young and thank ---- i never had to lose them like this


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36 minutes ago, mokwit said:

Considering the murderer is believed to have had formal firearms training and he is using what looks like a silenced automatic of a certain pattern this could get very messy.

That's what I thought too - a soldier or other services 'professional'.

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8 minutes ago, RichardColeman said:

Actually, I think it not as pathetic as you say.  WILL Thai hospitals cover you for free for attempted murder at the shopping mall ? OR will you be imprisoned by the hospital for unpaid bills for nearly being murdered whilst on holiday. I think we all know the answer - bouquet of flowers, bill for 4 million


Personally I don't reckon you'd have to pay for the treatment, but that's my opinion, perhaps there's a poster on TVF that's been a victim of a similar  crime, and could enlighten us?

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51 minutes ago, car720 said:

We've all heard the cry that it isn't the gun that kills but the person using it.  How can the person use it if there is no gun?

From reading on here and on the internet its been said that it is very hard for a common person to legally buy a commercially made gun here but according to the news there are people that make homemade guns here and I guess there is probably a black market for commercially made guns also. The moral of the story is if a criminal wants a gun they can get one. 


If the store had several professionally trained armed guards, then this guy would be severely injured or not alive right now.  

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21 minutes ago, Yinn said:


The screams of the mother, absolute horror, her child with a bullet hole in his head and dead in the middle of a shopping arcade.

What insanity was that, spraying bullets, left, right and centre? Not a professional soldier yet Lopburi is home to many Thai soldiers. Crazed out on amphetamines, in debt and desperate for funds perhaps. 

He won't live long.

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48 minutes ago, soalbundy said:

... guns have no place in the hands of civilians in a civilised society ...

Can you tell us where this civilized society might be found?



a botched robbery at a gold store

Judging that the perpetrator arrived with a wide open backpack, then left with it zipped up, the "robbery" seemed like a success. However, the perpetrator decided to go on a killing spree, not a panic move.

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