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Like father like son: Incredible story of wealthy Bangkok crime family takes new turn

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Like father like son: Incredible story of wealthy Bangkok crime family takes new turn



Picture: Thai Rath


The arrest of a 40 year old Thai man called Ice in Bangkok is just the latest chapter in a gruesome and shocking story of a millionaire family of market owners gone horribly wrong. 


The son is a convicted rapist and sadist who says he locked up a young woman in a metal casket before burying her in the garden. While his father cut up a young girl because she tapped on his fish aquarium. 


The son was released from jail after serving time for abducting a 17 year old girl. The father was shot dead after serving his time. The mother fled abroad abandoning her son who has now allegedly continued the family tradition of engaging in heinous crime. 


Pol Maj-Gen Itthiphon Atchariyapradit, deputy commander of the metropolitan police, briefed the press after the arrest of Apichai "Ice" Ongwisit. 


He has initially denied murdering 22 year old Warinthorn "Kuk-kik" Chaiyachet from Sakon Nakhon who was found buried behind a house at the end of Petchkasem Soi 47 in Bang Khae west of Bangkok. He denied that she had come to see him and that he was responsible. 


Later after interrogation he changed his story saying that at the end of August they had slept together at the house after doing drugs. 


He claims that he fell in love with her and that he didn't want her to leave him so he locked her in a metal casket.


However, he further claimed, that in the morning when he opened the casket she had died from suffocation. He then said that he called a fellow druggie called Chalermchon to ask him for help in burying the corpse behind the house.


Police believe this story to be a fabrication. They are waiting on autopsy results so see what injuries the young woman may have suffered. 


Given Apichai's background there are clearly fears she may have been tortured, notes Thaivisa. 


Several months have passed and what might have been done to her is not readily apparent until the results of the autopsy are in. 


Thai Rath said their sources suggested that in 2013 Apichai had illegally imprisoned a 17 year old girl in a "mansion" in nearby Phasi Charoen. 


Found at the address were Ya Ba, ice, six 9mm guns, 332 rounds of ammunition, 20 knives, bullet proof vests, equipment for cutting out electrical supplies and tampering with phone wires and handcuffs. 


Apichai was taken into custody after a shootout with the authorities. 


In addition in his past there were cases of illegal gun possession, abduction and rape in Damnern Saduak, Ratchaburi and in the police jurisdictions of Petchkasem and Thamasala. 


They said that Apichai was born into the family of a wealthy millionaire who formerly owned the Dong Wisit market in Bang Khae.


The market closed down in 1983 after owner Chalermchai Ongwisit, Apichai's father, was convicted in a case of murder and dismemberment of a corpse. 


He cut up a child called Nuanprang Bunnark who was the daughter of one of his employees. The girl had done nothing more than anger Chalermchai by tapping on the aquarium of his prized fish tank. 


Her body parts were found scattered about the area. 


When he was let out of jail he was shot dead.


Apichai's mother fled abroad and left him to fend for himself by running rental properties owned by the family. 


Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-10
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Wow, quite the crime genes he is got in him.

repeat offender lock him for life 

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19 hours ago, ratcatcher said:

There's enough of a story here for a movie,Mafia, market, coffins, dismemberment, corpses, drugs.

My opinion is there is barely enough to fill one days newspaper in Bangkok. Not so much news as 'yet again' .  It's a rough country.

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