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Phuket Immigration re-confirms ‘embassy income verification’ letters not required after American expat given 30 days to leave Thailand

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All I can say is thank god I/we left Thailand last year. After 9 years always worrying and having to go through that 90 day annual application. Rules changing on a whim what a way to live your life wh

Leaving was the best decision I ever made,   Ditto...back in the states now...what a fuggin relief from Thai Immigration hassles and scams...   No, I will not stop posting here for

Don't know if everyone read the full article. Seems like many haven't. Phuket Immigration has said:   “As for this [American] man, and anyone else who has had this problem, please come back

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10 hours ago, impulse said:

Edit:  I agree that the onus on expats is to keep up with the rules, but losing the embassy affidavit route caught a lot of people out with no adequate warning to make other arrangements. 

I don't require an embassy affidavit, that said, I read, I keep up to date with what is going on in Thailand, my wife reads, she keeps up to date with what is going on in Thailand.


I believe there is more to the story that has been said, i.e. he was probably told to come back with his bank statements to verify that his income on a monthly basis conforms to the new rules, alas being an American, probably got his nose out of joint as most do here on TVF for the smallest change, i.e. chucking dummy spits, as opposed to ducking and weaving and complying, it's not as if we can sit on our a$$e$ all day long drinking you know. 90 days, a breeze, TM30 a breeze, annual extension a breeze, besides, when the annual comes, I get all exited because I get to wai 🙂


If one wants to have their head in the sand, i.e. hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, well eventually when he raises his head, he will see and hear what he has avoided all that time, so best get organised and off of your lazy a$$e$ and stop your winging and enjoy life, 90 days, TM30's and annuals, you can change the nu off of annuals if you like, just enjoy the reason you came here for, to live, to destress, to leave the old country and all its warts, if it didn't turn out the way you wanted it too, then join the others who have gone back, no shame in that oi. 

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12 hours ago, Scot123 said:

All I can say is thank god I/we left Thailand last year. After 9 years always worrying and having to go through that 90 day annual application. Rules changing on a whim what a way to live your life when you can never feel 100% secure. As for the smugness of sum people it never said he could not prove his income. He may not have had 400,000baht or 800,000baht in his account he may not have kept 50% of that untouched in his account (forever). It is very possible he could prove his income with bank statements. I remember going to immigration (an office I had used for 8 years so 8 applications and over 32 90 days reports) and asking the question way back in October 2018 about my requirements and if bank statements would do to prove income (which hadn't changed in 9 years well annual increase) to be told NO! Then told "it's only 800,000baht 3 months before and left for 3 months after application". I blew a fuse and told them to shuve Thailand and walked out leaving Thailand 5 months later. Leaving was the best decision I ever made, well settled back in the UK, wife being treated with dignity and respect, children loving school and me actually enjoying driving again. Beer is great, wine is great, food is far better quality and the icing on the cake is its all cheaper than Thailand now. 

While I agree 100% with your sentiment, nowhere is perfect!. Certainly back in the UK you are 100% secure as far as immigration is concerned, driving,( if you can afford the gas (petrol),  beer, wine etc, the food I'm not so sure about. but certainly the quality of education is far better. However its not all roses, I lived in the UK for 30 years. The weather as we all know is pretty abysmal on most days, the cost of accommodation is higher as are taxes in general, council tax etc, but healthcare is free from the NHS. It all depends where you live in the UK I suppose! If you were in London for example you would be constantly on guard from knife attacks, it seems!

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14 hours ago, Matzzon said:

That´s like a Catch 22 in the opposite direction. It looks very stupid to require something that can´t exist due to that they are no longer issued. 

They are issued my embassy cant refuse me l asked. But they said they won't accept it possibly.. I can also prove my income on Citibank app to embassy. As l discussed with the embassy. Thanks

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14 hours ago, EricTh said:

A 400K would have been enough for his marriage visa which is actually a small amount for Americans.

A small amount for anyone if they have it. Not everyone has.

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52 minutes ago, maddermax said:

The article continues “Under this type of visa, all that is required to prove your income are bank statements and your bankbooks [plus copies of the relevant pages to file with the application].

“This is fine to prove your income,” Lt Col Udom said.

Last year I tried this course of action, supplying my bank statements and bank book certified by SCB. The officer who checks the documents in the Jomtien immigration office said that they would not entertain this form of application.  I was lucky that I had obtained the last possible embassy letter of income and was able to use it instead.

I have since learned that they will actually use this form of application to process your visa renewal. However, they expect you to do it through an agent so that they can get their tea money. Nothing changes.

Similar situation, Last year I just managed to get an Embassy letter, 4 weeks ago, I went to make a new application, They did not accept my application, and told me that they do not accept Thai Bank Statements showing the minimum income or more. They told me that they would accept it if I could prove it was from a pension (Its for marriage extension), or if I had 400k in the bank. they told me these are my only options.  This was at Phuket Immigration. Gonna go back there a bit later and see what they say now


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2 hours ago, Mr Smithy said:

Mmm  - It sounds as 'tho this American guy was attempting to renew his marriage extension based on 40K+/month income from abroad. It is a fact that Phuket immigration will only accept 400K Baht in a Thai bank, income from employment(verified by Thai tax records) or an embassy letter which is no longer available to Australians, Americans  or Brits.

Not true.

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