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Web designer wanted

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I am looking for a web designer who is able to make changes to an existing WordPress website.

It should be a person or company in Bangkok so we can sit together and talk about the details.

Thai or foreigner, I don't care as long as the person can communicate in English.

Do you know someone? Can you recommend a company?

And what is your experience with getting web design done in Thailand.


Just in case that comments will come like: Why don't you do it yourself, it's easy.

I could do it myself and in fact I did do it myself with HTML in notepad or Frontpage many years ago. But that is not the way this is done these days.

And important is that I want a designer, not a computer specialist. I can put words and pictures on a website. But personally I don't have this designer/artist view how to make it look nice. And that is something which is difficult to learn and I don't intend to learn it.


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Personally I wouldn’t bother looking in Thailand. You’ll like just run into the usual problems here and end up with something overpriced and mediocre. I haven’t been impressed with most of the sites I’ve seen supposedly done by local companies. Then you have the dodgy farang and backpackers looking to make a quick buck.

Why not start with a good professional template from one of the big commercial houses?

If you really want custom work I strongly suggest you hit the global freelancer sights where you get competitive prices, bids, reviews, and ratings. There you’ll find designers from all countries. And truth to tell, some in the Third World are quite good besides relatively inexpensive. It’s about like buying something on ebay. You get some quality control, revisions, and payments held in escrow with possibility of refund if specs aren’t met. I can’t imagine getting a refund from anyone in Thailand in this line of work.

After design and implementation, there’s maintenance. If you at least implement the design yourself then you’ll be able to do the maintenance yourself.

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