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Dating in BKK

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1 hour ago, fhickson said:


you would get through quicker these days with an app message since everyone is glued to their phone 😋

that's not wrong, I'm going on 40. met a few younger girls and found out that most of them are more interested about their Instagram, snapchat, Facebook and whatnot than making efforts to have a conversation with me

from my experience, if they are over say 25 then it's quite a bit less (it's not science, obviously)


some rambling cause i got nothing better to do at 1:20am:


I had a pretty young university girl I had met around June 2018 that used to come visit once per weekend for a while.. then it was weekends and Wednesdays and eventually every single day.

I was single so the company was fun but.. the phone addiction was real and she was literally using my place as a free place to crash to get free wifi and use my computer for Netflix, the rest of her free time was spent napping.

I never paid for much more than some snacks once in a while for her (ice cream, bottle of water, noodles, chocolate cupcakes - small things) never asked for anything but sometimes would throw things at the 7eleven cash for me to pay

I ended up letting her go because she was getting attached, she had some freak out about something that didn't happen and i asked her to leave


simply because otherwise I could not spend time with anyone else and she was very literally "date" blocking me


here's an semi interesting thing, I live near Hua Hin, I can put my Tinder on 25km area around, if I started from scratch, I could swipe every single girl in like 30 or so minutes


but last year, I went to Sathon in Bangkok and was bored so I put my GPS to 2km around me (4km diameter) and spent a full hour swiping left and right until I gave up.

there was so many people that I only got matches from this swiping like 2-5 days after I was gone.


so I believe you guys that you can get some dates with Tinder (or otherwise)


here, when there is no one left, the following thing happens:

Thai (or otherwise) tourists coming to the beach for the weekend, they show up on Tinder then I usually get a match or two but 90% of the time they don't even bother replying and then the next day they are 150 kms away


I had one match last night at like 2am before going to bed, didn't want to write to her at 2am so I thought "I'll just write in the morning"

woke up in the morning and she had already unmatched me!


Ego shattered. haha

and that's the typical Tinder experience for me.


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On 1/16/2020 at 6:24 AM, Nyezhov said:



If you need more help let me know. I have all sorts of little touches......





...Very funny...


... you had me at ‘chateau-papnuef’...  

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