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A Bluetooth problem… HELP!

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A Bluetooth problem… HELP!

This afternoon my MacBook Air fell off the desk and the headphones mini jack broke off in its socket.

This of course meant no sound as the as speakers switch off when the headphones are plugged in

Try as I might I couldn’t get the stump of broken jack out of the socket

Yes I know I might give it a try with some Apoxsee let it go hardFully fully that attempt to put it out


But for tonight I wanted to watch something on the laptop and suddenly realized no sound.

I had a brainwave my wife has a Bluetooth speaker next to the sofa. I turned it on and went to connect a MacBook Air to the speaker. I looked at the list BluetoothConnection is possible, but didn’t recognize the connection I had once play some music from my iPad mini with 

I therefore went to the mini and looked at the possible connections and recognized one I think it was B25T

Soon as I click connect for this I heard some things Happening in the speaker I played Norah Jones and sure enough it came out of the speaker

I went back to the Bluetooth icon on the MacBook Air....no B25T!!

raining no sound meaning no sound to listen to my movie on the MacBook Air.


Where do I go from here pleasee

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  • Open System Preferences.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • Click the “+” sign to add a new device.
  • Select “Headset” as the type of device.
  • Put the headset in the pairing mode.
  • Click the Search button.
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8 hours ago, ChaiyaTH said:

Did it work?

Could have sworn I answered

I followed your procedure but no + appeared.

I realised the bluettoooth speaker wasn't charging or on, decided maybe it was needed.


This evening I just bought bluetooth phones from Lotus for 199 to give them a try.

They're charging now.


The service was appalling I needed a wheelchair it was the devil's own job to get one

Happily there was one junior staff member who seems to know how to help. I got the managers phone number and her name and will commend her ASAP


Stay tuned and thanks

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BT headphones are just fine 

Just hope the charge is enough for a couple of hours listening

Thanx for all help


While we're at it I have terrible slow (or non) starting of Facebook on both devices. though occasionally instant.

Think its worse when its opening from a link.(maybe)

Any ideas?



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