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Phrae PM2.5 Numbers 2020

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March 19  -  11:00


CHIANG RAI         North and west of   CHIANG RAI



Chiang Mai          North and northwest of   LAMPANG



Better air south and southeast of   LAMPANG



Phrae 11:00  AQI 117 (42 ug/m3)



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Welcome to Thailand.   1) Turn on a good quality air purifier with HEPA filter 2) PM2.5 indoor detector/monitor will tell you when the air quality is bad 3) Seal up your doors and

Change is taking place Yom, slowly but surely, a few years ago there was no burning ban and people couldn't care less. Today there are bans and people are starting to care, it's not perfect but it is 

I wish moving to the sea was an option but all the sub forums are now having the same discussions. It's 157 in Jomtien today and the air has been terrible for days. I think record warmer weather has m

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Concerning Bangkok,                                                   Today, March 19  2020


I wouldn't say an AQI 53 to 114 in Bangkok is a good thing (13 ug/m3 to 41 ug/m3),

but up North an AQI 157 to 294 (67 ug/m3 to 244 ug/m3 or more)

is a bit different. Today up to AQI 412 - image.png.a17be961e20649c560246ee67cdd73d0.png.

And this is the wider Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai Area.

Same Same.  -  Since several days.


What is the responsible Government in Bangkok going to do?

Not responsible for the particulate matter-thing, PM2.5?

[We're so busy with Covid, sorry.]

If you will do nothing in the PM2.5 matter I hope that the evil ghosts will visit you

and all of your greedy friends this night or tomorrow and each night in the future.


P.S. Dear Mr Prayut, if you should read this.

Perhaps you didn't have any idea about the situation up North?

So, sorry.

Here is only one link:


You are by heart invited to read these posts on this website - Thaivisa - too.

Would be a good idea too to come and take a deep breath 

somewhere between CM and CR, OK, not only for a minute ...


Thank You , Mr Prime Minister and Take Care, of Yourself

and this beautiful country with its wonderful people.




This Land is Your Land







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March 20


Phrae at noon  AQI 104 (37 ug/m3)

CM-area  AQI 109-267? (39-217 ug/m3)

CR-area  AQI 173-856 (98-? ug/m3)


Note: Values above 500 are considered Beyond the AQI.

Additional information on reducing exposure to extremely

high levels of particle pollution is available.






Edited by Yom
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March 20-I


Here are daily air quality data (Oct. 2014 - March 2020) from Bergamo, Lombardia.

Bergamo seems to be the center of the Covid-catastrophe in Italy.

I'm sure that the bad air is not the only reason for this development, but of course,

there might a context.

You can compare this picture with the historical air quality data of your place.

It's to find via   https://aqicn.org/here







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March 21  -  Spring 2020


It's getting better ?





Phrae 8:00   134/49
BKK to Rayong  yellow/orange



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March 21-I


Much better at night.

Sorry, less bad.


418 Omkoi Hosp. - healthy place?





Edited by Yom
Added Omkoi Hospital
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March 22



... a secluded beach would be better.


Phrae  8:00  AQI 155 (63 ug/m3)

(other places 7:00 - 12:00)




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1 hour ago, Yom said:


... a secluded beach would be better.

I'd tell you where I am..........   but then the beach would not be secluded  🙂


very happy to escape Lamphun this year !   

my beach.jpg

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4 hours ago, rumak said:

... but then the beach would not be secluded 

Very nice. - I'm not envious at all ?

Have a good time wherever you are.

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March 22-I


I think Covid is much more dangerous

in the moment. - There is a lot of

information on Thaivisa-News.

Here's a strange copy / berkeleyearth.org  -  today 19:30







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37 minutes ago, Yom said:


Very nice. - I'm not envious at all ?

Have a good time wherever you are.

i suffered the previous 2 years.... didn't want to leave "home" in the North.   Finally had enough

to motivate me to take a long vacation. AQI almost always in the green.  My sinuses can live free again...... and are begging me to make the move permanent.

But now, like everyone else,  we are at the mercy of some virus.   


Edited by rumak
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2 hours ago, rumak said:

... suffered the previous 2 years

We all up north should know

2020 - this is enough! More than enough.


2 hours ago, rumak said:

at the mercy of some virus

... and of ourselves !?




This night better air?





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