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Phrae PM2.5 Numbers 2020

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March 23 - I     22:00





Just to remember


AQI 95 means image.png.c728aa5472b672610b107cf80cfb9247.png

AQI 166 means image.png.7396dfe82d37e628a44002d97aeacb2e.png







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Welcome to Thailand.   1) Turn on a good quality air purifier with HEPA filter 2) PM2.5 indoor detector/monitor will tell you when the air quality is bad 3) Seal up your doors and

Change is taking place Yom, slowly but surely, a few years ago there was no burning ban and people couldn't care less. Today there are bans and people are starting to care, it's not perfect but it is 

I wish moving to the sea was an option but all the sub forums are now having the same discussions. It's 157 in Jomtien today and the air has been terrible for days. I think record warmer weather has m

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March 24-I   20:00


Phrae  AQI 154 (61 ug/m3)
North of    84 ug/m3 (AQI 166)




Strange   889  Omkoi Hosp.

Most of Bangkok yellow, green spots






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March 25



ChiangRai Muang  AQI  207 (157 ug/m3)

ChiangMai Univ. MaeHia AQI 193 (137 ug/m3)

Phrae  11:00  AQI 97 (34 ug/m3)






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March 25-I


There might be a PM2.5-hot spot near

the Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai.

But, please have a look at the




image.png.9a9f4549a89ff91f1742ce80811e4899.png  ventusky.com



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March 25-II


The North of Thailand 

even at night very unhealthy air.


Nothing more to say.

Btw, BKK yellow, some orange and

one red - Din Daeng.


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March 26   -   12:00




AQI 414 Mae Sai                    image.png.ff73b475d22227950eb6472962d535f5.png

AQI 195 CMU - Mae Hia           image.png.1aeb81bf034becf3ed7b9e625bdc6c7f.png

Phrae  AQI 97 (34 ug/m3)        image.png.e44df92429bcc2a5f160305719b828da.png

Mae Sot AQI 223 (173 ug/m3) image.png.36fb8eddb98b2baecf07375768951528.png

Bangkok to Rayong-only green and yellow

Kanchanaburi AQI 155(63 ug/m3) image.png.1093ec2b56e8ae20c5026d8285cc8768.png      




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March 26-I


The North of Thailand 

this night a bit less unhealthy air.

Top at 20:00 with an AQI 190:


Chiang Rai Gaia Station  07      -      image.png.683bceaecb3c7b2db996f1d2c514493b.png




Phrae  AQI 151 (56 ug/m3) not good too.


Might be more informative:




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March 27-I


Northern Thailand

Some days in March 2020


image.png.095c11616a6c67231f000db0d8e54734.png26 image.png.03bfdf251b370d68d141147da23872e8.png25

image.png.fbd756efa23412dfe5caac73da05c167.png24  image.png.d4c9cee73ea9536f5d3e15b71fa90ee5.png23

image.png.badc3841ed613953dd6e4a2f9a941b50.png22  image.png.3c6f7144a72c7bb6cfa498662ae7a09b.png21

image.png.23c65eaa0edc3fc90d58b0b4be604aad.png20              image.png.c46bc5919df3cde44c62ce0bf733fc1e.png19

image.png.fcaf3a3e030b1dddf75b3edafa5b1176.png18   image.png.f4c85e13e939eb609ad14fb6196292a9.png17

image.png.5d070a37a2af828584d4db33144c760c.png16 image.png.04855ef3741931c34a39c93155f1adf7.png15

image.png.b9f0457ab959b0f91290adc9ffec4bf7.png14 image.png.6b07873948fcf80fce19f346afc4b084.png13

image.png.331c88878421a176ca0664bcfa974edd.png12 image.png.0977e07c0564472049c095e8094eadf7.png11






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March 27-II


PM2.5  today 13:00







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English is the only acceptable language anywhere on ThaiVisa including Classifieds, except within the Thai language forum, where of course using Thai is allowed. Short Thai translation of technical terms is permitted in specialty forums.


Read the rules please

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March 28   


Healthy Hospitals

Khun Yuam Hospital  AQI 462

Samoeng Hospital  AQI 623

Hang Dong Hospital  AQI 313

Mae Sai Health Promoting Hosp.  AQI 432




Phrae 6:00  AQI 166 (85 ug/m3)


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