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Phrae PM2.5 Numbers 2020

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Welcome to Thailand.   1) Turn on a good quality air purifier with HEPA filter 2) PM2.5 indoor detector/monitor will tell you when the air quality is bad 3) Seal up your doors and

Change is taking place Yom, slowly but surely, a few years ago there was no burning ban and people couldn't care less. Today there are bans and people are starting to care, it's not perfect but it is 

I wish moving to the sea was an option but all the sub forums are now having the same discussions. It's 157 in Jomtien today and the air has been terrible for days. I think record warmer weather has m

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March 29


Sorry, no good news. Phayao forest fires,

the whole North at least unhealthy.

Today 8:00 some PM2.5 numbers


AQI 119/43 ug/m3  image.png.fe0ef5a40b0afae61991c8d9ba63a42b.png

AQI 174/100 ug/m3 image.png.0d469a863859f2790075a8dfda81365c.png


Phrae  AQI 254 


AQI 353/303 ug/m3 image.png.afccf5970262e60b233e1beb0f8a7a2a.png

AQI 437/405 ug/m3 image.png.182191a3e6b524dfc92e47bee872fd59.png

AQI 487/481 ug/m3           image.png.765e4f3ef9089f5da2ab373f4e7b93d3.png





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March 29-I


 Once more: From Dawn To Dusk







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March 30


Why worry - These things have always been the same?



Phrae  6:00  AQI 186 (123 ug/m3) - Unhealthy


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17 minutes ago, villagefarang said:

Worry won't change anything.🙏

The more people worry, the more people are aware of the health indications. Change always starts with awareness. More and more  Thai in our network are monitoring pm 2.5 levels, which is an important step in the right direction.



Just accepting the air quality as being normal is just wrong. People in the 1950's regarded smoking as normal too.

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How could anyone who lives here not be aware?  We have a monitor and apps but they don't have the power to change anything.  All they can do is inform us as to how active we can be and whether to wear a mask or not when we go outside.  


There is a lot of discussion on Thai social media about the pollution and eventually they will find a way to deal with it.  In our day to day life we really have no choice but to deal with the reality of our situation and find ways to protect ourselves.



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Posted (edited)

Yes, we have to endure that. - But tell me,

where do the children play?


March 30-I

Northern Thailand - the current PM2.5 numbers


Maesai H. O.  AQI 275 / 225 ug/m3

CR Gaia 07  AQI 256 / 206 ug/m3

Mae-Taeng Hosp.  AQI 310 / 260 ug/m3

CM-Night Bazaar  AQI 209 / 159 ug/m3

Phayao K. P.  AQI 211 / 161 ug/m3

Lampang  AQI 200 / 150 ug/m3

Nan  AQI 220 / 170 ug/m3

Phrae  AQI 175 / 102 ug/m3






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4 minutes ago, Yom said:

Yes, we have to endure that. - But tell me,

where do the children play?

I suppose that is a question for parents.  I try to do my bit by not burning, not driving everyday, eating primarily a plant based diet and not enlarging my carbon footprint by producing offspring.😇

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1 minute ago, Yom said:
5 minutes ago, villagefarang said:

I suppose that is a question for parents.


Okay, up to you.  You are entitled to your opinion.🙏

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March 30-II


This morning. - At night much 'better'.

image.png.f05b9ad7ec0b052516de04cc56860488.png  image.png.33c6ef01c0780371ff13208a81a2f280.png



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March 31


Same procedure as every day


image.png.f3027e4dce1e10d4a046f0925f1865df.png  image.png.c04ac5ac97c60e0a517c668a66fef9d3.png


Phrae  AQI 129 (47 ug/m3)

Bangkok  orange/yellow

Kanchanaburi  AQI 200

Nongkhai  AQI 209

Surat Thani  AQI 112


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April 1


Late at night it became worse.


Today at noon.  ^^^


Phrae  12:00  AQI 161 (75 ug/m3)




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