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Phrae PM2.5 Numbers 2020

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January 8,  2021   -   8:00




AQI 155  ~  55 ug/m3  image.png.f88101fff253de0c99fccec3497ea17f.png


AQI 208  ~  158 ug/m3   image.png.ebd21fe15d540a9076758d22f2fd3c05.png 


AQI 267  ~  217 ug/m3  image.png.b9edac5cb8032d081f4e25da7bf4a31b.png



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Welcome to Thailand.   1) Turn on a good quality air purifier with HEPA filter 2) PM2.5 indoor detector/monitor will tell you when the air quality is bad 3) Seal up your doors and

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January 12,  2021   -   8:00

Strong and clean wind from the north




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January 12,  2021   -   20:00



No more wind, but still 'very cold'.


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January 15, 2021   -   8:00




Now back to the OP,  Jan. 15, 2020.

One of the screenshots is already 1 year old.









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