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Phrae PM2.5 Numbers 2020

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March 6


Phrae  10:00  AQI 85 (28 ug/m3)

North of        AQI 117 (42 ug/m3)  


In the upper northwest bad.



Rain last night



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Welcome to Thailand.   1) Turn on a good quality air purifier with HEPA filter 2) PM2.5 indoor detector/monitor will tell you when the air quality is bad 3) Seal up your doors and

Change is taking place Yom, slowly but surely, a few years ago there was no burning ban and people couldn't care less. Today there are bans and people are starting to care, it's not perfect but it is 

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Yes some rain last night and the power went out ...

Yours too, Yom ?

And 2 times today , probably working on it by the company.

But it sure is nice to have some rain in march.

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2 hours ago, FlorC said:

But it sure is nice to have some rain in march.

Oh yes. - No more dust all around, we can even see the 'mountains'

in the east and in the west. - But still 42 ug/m3 or AQI 117 at our place...

No problems with electricity, PEA does a good job.


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March 7


Phrae  11:00  AQI 80 (26 ug/m3)

North of       AQI 107 (38 ug/m3)  







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March 8


Phrae  10:00  AQI 139 (51 ug/m3)

North of P.     AQI 142 (52 ug/m3)  

The North


Everything from image.png.373b750c7f17602b53171387d4ae2c83.png

to image.png.10ae37cb180efb91480f70394836871c.png

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March 8-I


The North a bit 'better' again


Chiang Rai



Chiang Mai





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March 9


Phrae  9:00   AQI 160 (73 ug/m3)

North of P.     AQI 166 (85 ug/m3)  

The North

image.png.df272a115cea8b7414cacc734ef99e0f.png  image.png.e9e2b62237a31a3f66f1cd9fd4af92c9.png  image.png.2a6d2be25209a00248a7cc2298b0c6c9.png

                                      Indochina                          The Fires  


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March 9-I  -  19:00



* not all on the same scale *

Fang Hospital, what are they burning at noon?


Night Bazaar CM Unhealthy AQI up to 216 - why?




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Phrae 10


Phrae  9:00   AQI 167 (86 ug/m3)   image.png.5b2619866af66b16484f5a93c68c59b4.png

North of P.     AQI 183 (118 ug/m3)  






Chiang Rai 9:00   AQI 332   -   aqicn.org


CMIS ChiangMai 11:00 AQI 248 - strange numbers all over CM



airvisual.com  -  same same, but different




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March 10-I


Also at night high AQI-numbers in Northern Thailand.

Phrae AQI only 122 (44 ug/m3) - but almost everywhere

                          image.png.3722cf6ff2878cfdb424898bcdd4d94a.png or more.








CM-AQI158                              Phrae-AQI122


The fires in/around Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai or Phrae 

should be the cause of the smog. - Ridiculous!?


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March 11


Phrae  7:00   AQI 164 (81 ug/m3)    image.png.4d3e4566837fda1c20a192bf50154f2b.png

North of P.     AQI 207 (157 ug/m3) image.png.e8f27c00542fa09382ba5c3e50582e6d.png

Bangkok        yellow/orange/a bit red


The Smog Belt



Today's Winner



The Beautiful North





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March 11-I


Phrae  18:00  AQI 134 (49 ug/m3)   

North of P.     AQI 144 (53 ug/m3)

both   image.png.239d501678178a8dec5e1e97621c5b25.png 





Interesting link


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March 12


Phrae         10:00  AQI 208 (158 ug/m3)

North of P.   6:00  AQI 244 (194 ug/m3) 


Thailand North   10:00



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