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What is the quietest and most upscale place to live within 10 klicks of CMU?

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Just following the thread and making sure no one suggests he comes to my neck of the woods.


I live in blissful serenity with only birds and water to beheard 24/7 ten minutes from the moat......and thats how I want to keep it.


Bloody foreigners


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48 minutes ago, elektrified said:

That's a nice moobaan. A friend owns a home in there. The sois were badly in need of repair for years (I'm talking potholes that would do serious damage or even injury if you drove in one), but it seems they were repaired. But it's not all quiet in there as there are also caretakers living on the grounds and they raise chickens, etc.

Yeah, Lanna Ville is nice. I have never seen (or heard) a chicken here. Very few dogs running loose too. Most of the owners walk their dogs on a leash. No noise from wat loudspeakers or karaoke bars or sound trucks or whatever. The other places I have lived in CM were all plagued with all of that. 

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tired of listening to bands who only know how to pound on drums, such as Big Ass, etc


I stayed in Anchan 2 Apartment in CM, cheap and 5km from CMU.  The owner drives a Mercedes, so you know it's a quality joint.


I didn't see any Big Ass when I was there. 🙄

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