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I have had an IFA for the last 6 years.

His role was to get my pensions cashed in in a timely manner when I needed them.

So far he has dealt with approximately 250,000GBP.


He only indicated on his prospectus what his fees would be scribbling out the 3% and replacing it with 1%

 + VAT, (well I don't have to pay VAT anyway being non-resident in the UK.) I never paid it on my solicitors fees when I sold my business

and I was living here, nor will I have to pay the accountants I have just appointed to deal with my taxes now I am receiving

quite a lot in pensions.


The thing is he has been very slow in dealing with my final pension which is worth some 138,000 pounds

and so I want to pay him off and deal with it myself. I have checked with the provider and I can do that.

He was supposed to give me a valuation on this pension before Christmas and did not despite many promises that

it would be dealt with, now well after Christmas he still has still not supplied anything so I got it myself.


So I want to pay him off, should I just pay him the 1%?

He has never talked about money since we first met at a motorway cafe in the UK in 2014.

He has previously done valuations for me every three months and we have talked on Skype, normally

when I am visiting family in the UK. He was doing a full action plan for all pensions, but now he has dealt

with five I suppose there is no real need for any more, but it just seems to me that as his role with me is

almost done he has bigger fish to fry, though he will be losing out on 1,380 GBP my not dealing with the last one.


Have I got this right?

We have no written contract regarding fees  so he would stand to receive around 2,300 for pensions encashed

so far. I have no issues paying him what he initially asked for, but is that a fair amount ?


I welcome your opinions on this

Many thanks

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