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Non-B visa, to BOI 2-year visa, converts back to Non-B?

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Hello everyone;


Short background;

1) I did a Mukdahan/Savanakhet run in December and received a Non-B visa for a new job. The company provided lots of paperwork to allow me to apply.
2) Once back, the company got me a BOI visa that's a 2-year multiple entry. In my passport it's a big stamp, not a page-sized sticker. My work permit was also processed at that time.

3) Now, two weeks after starting my job, I've been terminated. Not on bad terms, rather both sides are "disappointed".


My Question is:
Does the 2-year BOI visa they got for me revert back to the regular 90-day Non-B I got myself? 

If not, how much time will I have to leave the country?

Any info would be much appreciated.

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