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Diabetic Continuous Glucose Monitor and Sensors - Any Ideas?

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My immune system is in overdrive due to another medical condition, so I can't use my CGM anymore (it's a sensor that sticks in your arm and measures glucose to a phone app or monitor).


Anyway, now I have 6 months worth of the things I dragged from the US, which is like 30k baht, so I don't want to just toss them. I was thinking maybe there is some way I can donate them, but I guess they don't really use them here and it's only enough for 6 months so not sure how useful. Any other ideas? I guess I could drag them back to the US too 🙂


If anyone know diabetic association or other idea, please let me know!

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Since this is not used here and only a 6 month supply, suggest taking back to the US with you

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