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Crossing at Chong Chom and then on to Siam Reap

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Once one crosses the border at Chong Chom, I am wondering what the travel options are to Siam Reap. I did a google search and most travel options imply that you are leaving from Surin, meaning the amphur murang, which seems to add a lot of time to the trip. Once I cross the border, I was hoping I'd be able to hop on a minibus or share a taxi for not too much money and get to Siam reap in about 3 hours. Some of the websites claim the trip buy bus from Surin will take more than 10 hours. How could this be I wonder. 

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IF ur lucky there will be a taxi, never seen a mini bus, but dont count on it.  2 1/2 hours if there is one there

otherwise ur going to need find a way to Samraong and to Kralanh there pick up the bus to SR


I usually drive Surin to SR in about 4 ours max, 6 if i stop at Banteay Chhmar.


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