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Teachers' Day in Thailand: Yet more violence meted out to female students

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Teachers' Day in Thailand: Yet more violence meted out to female students




As national Teachers' Day was celebrated in Thailand yesterday a video posted online showed a teacher viciously attacking female students with a stick. 


Corporal punishment is illegal in Thailand and teachers should be dismissed but rarely are. 


The damning footage was posted on Facebook by Jutthamat Foi Thong.


It came with the tagline question: "Cruel teacher - is that over the top or what?"


In the video the male teacher is using a stick to whack the behinds of several students; one of these or a friend was secretly filming. 


The teacher can be heard to say: Why are you protecting your bottom? 


He then uses a Thai swear word "sanlaew" that might be translated as "b*tch or b***ard. 


Most Thai netizens said this was hardly appropriate behavior on behalf of the teacher though many said there was probably a reason for the punishment. 


Corporal punishment is illegal in Thailand, notes Thaivisa, but is still widespread. 


The following can be found online:

Corporal punishment is illegal in Thailand under the Child Protection Act, and yet many share the view that it is commonplace in Thai schools and even in kindergartens. The law states: “Any school employee who hits a child should be immediately dismissed and be subject to review of their professional licence.” 


Thaivisa notes that in reality few teachers are ever dismissed with most being forgiven by parents after they say they are sorry with a "wai". Some are disciplined by the school or education authority. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-17
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There may be a psychological reason concerning men and girls that they desire but can't have. I'm not saying this is the case in this situation, but worth looking into with a proper psychological study.

Not many men go into teaching these days, in NZ at any rate, so don't get much of these sorts of problems.

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