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What's your comfort food?

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While my Thai GF is quite a good cook, I occasionally like DIY. The opportunity arose when I had a tooth extracted recently, and soft food was indicated for a few days.


Not visually appealing, so I won’t show it. However, putting cooked potato, carrot, broccoli and smoked salmon in a blender results in something quite tasty.


I tend to define snacks as comfort food. This is my recipe, which results in a cross between huevos rancheros and an egg souffle.


Two eggs, cooking oil, sweet chili sauce and a poacher cup. The Bakoma Sonata Gold dessert cups are ideal.


Pour a small amount of oil into the cup. If you use canola oil, the purists need to know 99% of the stuff on the market is genetically modified. Use it to line the walls, then pour off any excess.


Whisk the eggs and chili sauce with a fork in the cup until homogeneous. Place in a pan with an inch of water, cover with a lid, and bring to the boil. Then simmer for 15 minutes.


Remove from the pan, and upend on a plate. Cut up, and add black pepper as needed.


Once my wound is healed, I’ll go back to my other comfort snack – dark chocolate and ginger. Takes some chewing.


Bon appetit.






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Beef brisket with carrots, mushrooms, onions, potatoes & gravy.

All my foods are comfort foods ! Why ?   I am grateful and lucky that I not only have food to eat and that I also have a choice and that my choice has been vegan for 50 of my many years.

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I like peanut and chocolate oatmeal cookies (I put pomegranate and blueberry granola in these).

Lucky me, that they cost almost nothing to make, almost gone now.

Very crunchy, so no good for your teeth Lacy.


IMG_20191230_125056 (1).jpg

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Campbell's Clam Chowder (but not that Manhattan style <deleted>) I always have a few cans in the cupboard.


They reckon BC Ferries used to do the best Clam Chowder when the cooks were part of the company but now White Spot has the contract and its <deleted>. Weused to joke that all the barnacles that were scraped off during refits went into the pot. It was something to look forward to, which is why CC is still my favorite comfort food. 

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58 minutes ago, Momofarang said:

Funny that. My dream is to die at 76, boombooming a Nana plaza nymphet, just after a massive T-Bone and a bottle of Shiraz.

Ha! Thats just not major league. First of all, the massive T-Bone, rare of course, dripping with garlic butter should be hanging out your mouth as you clutch your chest and collapse on top of the squirming nymphet. The Shiraz....meh, give me a carton of EggNog.

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31 minutes ago, Denim said:

Cumberland sausage sandwich with doorstep wholemeal bread and daddys sauce. Hmmmm.....need to fly to the UK sooner than I thought.

Ouch..... i fly 29 March      Real food real beer  cant wait!

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