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Germany's other migration wave: the pensioner exodus

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19 hours ago, TheDark said:

What is this all about?


I thought pensions are more like 2500 to 3500 euros per person?

What's going on here? Are pensions around Europe really that low in general? 1200 per person or even 600 per person?

That's <deleted> up. 

yes they are that low if you barely worked. I don't know anyone with such a low pension tho.




it's actually one of the better pension systems compared to many many other western countries. And it's relatively cheap to life in germany. And no - refugees don't get more money.


Old age poverty is a serious problem everywhere and pensions are always a net negative, if you have your private investments instead of wasting money paying in the pension system you are way better off.


The main issue is women pensions, because many women in that generation have never worked as they had many children and stayed at home they get considerably less than men. 



There's also a basic pension now, that everyone will get and is on top of it, but it's so low...doesn't help much: https://www.dw.com/en/german-government-strikes-deal-on-basic-pension/a-51192993 


18.6 percent of german gross income is for the pension fund afaik


lets say u earn 3500 eur gross per month, 42k a year. 

7812 eur u pay for ur pension each year in taxes.


u work 45 years. 7812 eur each year since 1973 into the S&P 500 would have given you 3 million USD... let's just ignore all the inflation and variying salaries etc.


Pretty damn bad job that the governments do with our money, for me the pension systems are all a scam.


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2 hours ago, sirineou said:

It's a shame where after working a lifetime and helping to build a country you cant even afford to live there. 

my sister and the whole family lives in Germany,they all have their own house and can afford to go in holidays a couple of times a year I guess that particular couple lived beyond their means, just look at that house I've seen better houses in Thailand.

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2 hours ago, DaRoadrunner said:

About says it all. And not only in Germany.


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