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Was thinking about the iPhone obsession, seems like some sort of a brainwashing thing, a habit, or craving.    When I sit at my local watering hole, watching folk running, jogging etc, most

Technology/internet. I made a rule long time ago, no phones at the table when go out to dinner. Took the family out and under 30's were all bloody glued to the screens it was terrible.   Lik

Your issue with Iphones or all mobile phones?

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It's a different generation. My daughter watches no TV, but spends all her time on her phone or computer talking and texting, watching Youtube, playing games, shopping, etc.. I try to teach her not to use it when others are around, but it's pretty much impossible when everyone else in the room is on their phones. All her schoolwork and homework is online these days, so she does need to spend a fair amount of time online. 

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I  just refuse to use one  anymore,managed without them before, used to use them but got sick of constant interruptions to life.........I  might turn it  on once a month for 5 minutes, the worst is the way everyone is expected to  have one and an app for everything........... <deleted>  off  just give me some service.

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21 minutes ago, buffallobill said:

I am writing this on my phone while eating my dinner, I only buy food that's easy to eat without cutting, so I don't have to put my phone down😁

how about if they made edible  phones?

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6 hours ago, transam said:

In the week I went to Tops Supermarket, nice shop, wondering round I saw a team of ladies working on fresh produce to be put on display, one lady had a knife in one hand and an iPhone in the other, I thought, I wonder if that iPhone has been into the toilet with its owner...😳

Walking round Dohome, zillions of staff standing around with heads buried in their iPhone, don't their managers instruct the staff to actually work...🤔

They all sit in toilets at mall with phones, that’s where workers go to relax

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3 hours ago, transam said:

Well if you are a respectable chap, your phone rings, you should leave the table, but my point is that folk are now dominated by the iPhone screen...

Jackie's question was ALL phones or just iPHONES. Ban them all in restaurants, schools, public places, bedrooms!!!!


I guess you are classing all phones, Apple, Android or Windows, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, etc etc as iPhones. 

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2 hours ago, Assurancetourix said:

I don't have a smartphone; I don't know how to use it and I don't want to learn.
I have a thing called Nokia cell phone which cost me 800 baht a few years ago;
I put 20 baht for a month;
It makes me laugh to see all these people of any age chatting with other people they don't have and will never meet in real life ...
I have a friend who lives in Japan; it is even much worse in this country compared to Thailand.

He takes photos in the Tokyo metro that are to die for ...:cheesy:


A photo I shot at the top of Phu Tok in Loei province not " the " Phu Tok in Beung Kan ..

As there was fog so nothing to see and not really the possibility of taking selfies.
the photo says it all ...



If you look up you see the smoke so best to keep your head buried in the phone methinks. This is the future there is no going back. Glad to say I've never had one and never will. 

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11 minutes ago, transam said:

Let's put it this way, my thread is about users being taken over by their hand held computers...😁

Yes I was going to ask you much the same thing. In my experience few people have got iphones, mostly have Samsung or Oppo. However I do see what you mean. What you have to realise however that today's smartphone is a portable computer with access to any info in seconds. This coupled with the fact that many people especially the young, live their lives on line through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Line etc. To them its perfectly normal way to behave. I personally use my phone quite a lot when out when I need to but not all the time. Its a generation thing.

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