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14 minutes ago, Elkski said:

iPhone  brand loyalty is indicative of something not good.  I'm against apple.   I believe and support  a more open source game. What scares me are old people who say they will never use a smartphone and they can vote

I think the OP had in mind a generic smart phone, not necessarily Apple in mind.

I've been online since late 1993 and placed my first Amazon order in 1997..but not on smartphone obviously.

Nowadays have 2 phones (one spare), 4 laptops and 2 tablets, and at least 2 active Sim cards at any time. I don't use social media but would have major difficulties without internet access...no access to Aussie banks, brokerage sites, government sites, airfare, train tickets, hotels, travel forums...how did people live before 1992 when the Net revolution started?


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Was thinking about the iPhone obsession, seems like some sort of a brainwashing thing, a habit, or craving.    When I sit at my local watering hole, watching folk running, jogging etc, most

Technology/internet. I made a rule long time ago, no phones at the table when go out to dinner. Took the family out and under 30's were all bloody glued to the screens it was terrible.   Lik

Your issue with Iphones or all mobile phones?

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Yep it’s a pity and I’m the same always checking emails, reading, searching . I need to break the habit. 


Once on holiday from US to Phi Phi 15 years ago. No internet in room only in hotel lobby and pay as you go. Wife hated I worked

all the time never relaxing. I said ok I will get up early 30 minutes 

on emails and that’s it for the day.... made for a nice holiday


30 ride on my Harley in US when on holiday from China.... was nice

phine was in the pocket and not easy to get too without stopping even if it rang. .... Nice


but I’ve not broken the habit... people as is said at diner phone ...and when yiu think of it kinda takes they nice out of a nice dinner...


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1 hour ago, DoktorC said:

Often I get to my favorite bar about the same time the market opens in New York.... Have my favorite girl get us some drinks, open my phone (it is an Apple iPhone), check my orders, get ready for the session.... Later i check again, some one asks what I'm doing.... dalat hoon.... enough said.   Market is good today... get us another round and ring the bell.


Boomers all of you if you don't understand how technology makes life better and easier.

I think you may find boomers invented the technology sonny. Don't be so disrespectful. You may have to google that word.

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12 hours ago, gearbox said:

how did people live before 1992 when the Net revolution started?

We lived differently using, for ex, the postal services ... and it worked very well.
New technologies including the internet were said to simplify everyone's work and / or remove obsolete staff;
in fact it didn't do any of that.
It is actually easier now to listen to Corelli through U-Tube while living in a village lost in the depths of nowhere in Issan (this is my case) than in the past.
Although in France we had frequency modulation all over the country, so even in a village in the Creuse or Aveyron, the national radio station could send us the classical music of their choice, not of our choice as currently.

It was later written by another member; it is supposed to give us more freedom when the exact opposite is happening.
Thanks to or because of these new technologies it is almost impossible, even with the phone off, to prevent the authorities from knowing where we are.
It can be very useful to find someone who is lost but also very harmful.
When I do a Google search, at the bottom of my screen, this technology tells me where I live (a few km away);
I do not know if going through a proxy if this indication would continue to be accurate.

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I am "connected" most of the time  while at home, but I use my Macbook air. I find these puny smart phone screens ridiculous. I use my Iphone for navigation, emergency, Garmin data transfer, receiving banking messages, a few calls, altogether maybe15 minutes a day.

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We're now over the misnomer and know that Transam really meant smart phone, not iPhone.

On that note, it is my understanding that iPhone is a minority player in Thailand. Samsung/Android is the majority.

I own an iPhone! Not because Apple was once trendy but because when I graduated from flip phone to smart phone, Apple was the leader. I've stuck with iPhone ever since and have no plans to change. I don't hate them. I don't love them. IPhone has served me well. Their support is awesome and immediate.

Besides LINE app, I don't partake in any social media. My smart phone is first and foremost a business tool. All of my advertising (small company) states "Text is Best First Communication".

I field sales enquiries any time I'm awake. Evenings (even late) are often very productive. Once a new potential customer is qualified, I might shift to email on my desktop but can reply to any enquiry throughout the day instantly via my phone, text or email. My customers appreciate the near instantaneous response.

I jump into action immediately when they contact me, every enquiry is a potential sale. Even when in Thailand, I do business in my home country.

All because of my smartphone !

I never leave "home" without it.

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