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17 hours ago, SteveK said:

Technology of today is not always a good thing.


I remember the good old days when nobody had internet or a phone, only landlines, and not everyone had one of those. I feel that life was much more enjoyable then. Now you're always contactable, can always be given stress or hassled, when before you could sit on a bus or train and read your book in peace. You could sit on a park bench and eat your lunch in peace without your boss hassling you for the month's figures. Now they can get you anywhere.


Plus now, because kids know they have all the knowledge in the world inside a piece of plastic in their pocket, they don't need to bother remembering anything. In the UK particularly, kids just don't actually seem to know anything anymore, except how to use Instagram and Facebook.


As technology has advanced, the new generation have become so dependent on it that if it failed they would be up sh*t creek without a paddle. I wonder how many 15 year olds know how to look up a book or journal in the library? I suspect I wasted hundreds of hours doing that when studying for my exams. Now they just punch it into google and get their answer immediately. Technology has advanced but intelligence levels definitely seem to have declined.

Good comments.  Made me wonder if libraries are on the wane.   Do kids read books any more , I mean how can they maintain their concentration when expecting their phone to ring any second.  When I were a lad about 100 years ago we had the first phone at our end of the road.  Made my mother fume when locals needed to use it , so often there were strangers in th hall using the black phone. By the ''60s it was changed fro a two tone green one , oh and the number was 4325.

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Was thinking about the iPhone obsession, seems like some sort of a brainwashing thing, a habit, or craving.    When I sit at my local watering hole, watching folk running, jogging etc, most

Technology/internet. I made a rule long time ago, no phones at the table when go out to dinner. Took the family out and under 30's were all bloody glued to the screens it was terrible.   Lik

Your issue with Iphones or all mobile phones?

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On 1/18/2020 at 12:55 PM, transam said:

Let's put it this way, my thread is about users being taken over by their hand held computers...😁

In 1895, Bayer marketed diacetylmorphine as an over-the-counter drug under the trademark name Heroin. It was developed chiefly as a cough suppressant. However, heroin would soon have one of the highest rates of addiction among its users...

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On 1/18/2020 at 2:16 PM, transam said:

Well if you are a respectable chap, your phone rings, you should leave the table, but my point is that folk are now dominated by the iPhone screen...

I guess he meant all smart phones (if you can call them that)

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On 1/18/2020 at 6:41 PM, mike787 said:

Nope!  Not overtaken. No rocket science.  Iphone is a great piece of hardware.  Just that simple.  Makes life efficient.  

Yes there was his friend asking him what did you buy your daughter for Christmas

he replied an I phone

what about your young son?

an I pad

and what about your wife?

an Iron.

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On 1/18/2020 at 1:05 AM, robblok said:

I see no reason why one cannot use a phone instead of looking straight not doing anything i can play with my phone. Great entertainment as long as your not with someone or have a job to do.

Your last statement is the real contrast I always see between my American life and my Thai life. 


Go into any store in Thailand and half the staff can barely be bothered to look up from their phone to help you.


In most US business' cellphones are not allowed to be used at work. 


I work for Delta Airlines where we are strictly forbidden to take cellphones outside of Op's on to the active ramp area.


Last year when leaving Khon Kaen airport, before we left every ramp agent I could see, prior to the pushback was on their phone.


There ain't nothing on your facebook that should take priority over safety at an airport!

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On 1/18/2020 at 3:27 PM, transam said:

Was thinking about the iPhone obsession, seems like some sort of a brainwashing thing, a habit, or craving. 

On the news this morning; phone or social media obsession ( one is not possible without the other )  is now a recognised psychological disorder.

If my child was getting upset by on line bullying I'd stop them using the phone, but seems to me that parents are too gutless to take the phones off their children now. Leave it till they kill themselves.

It's getting to the point a whole generation are having their lives ruined by on line addiction. Apparently kids are not sleeping or doing school work so they can go on social media.

How bad does it get till parents start taking responsibility? We are breeding a race of phone zombies that do nothing but go on line. Be a shock to them if WW3 starts and they are all called up.

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I call these 'Smartphones' the grownups dummy!. I would like to see the reaction from a day when the internet stopped working for about 6 hours, I can imagine that the psychiatrist couches would be inundated with clients suffering from withdrawal syndromes. Where did the art of conversation go to, it's DEAD!!! I regularly go into restaurants and see couples who NEVER speak a word to each other throughout the meal and are texting all the time whilst they eat. If you are using this for business or for urgent reasons then I can totally understand using them, but not this incessant need to check the blxxdy things every 20 seconds; are you that important??

I would like to see somebody; who has got the guts to set up a restaurant, that has a Faraday Cage where it blocks all mobile communications and I think I would call the place 'Let's Talk' - worth a try for somebody brave enough to test the waters out I'm sure. I'm sure that this place would garner the middle to older age clientele who would like to eat in a nice quiet environment, come on you entrepreneurs give it a try!

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I hate to admit it but phones are just so damn convenient.

I remember days when you collected your pay from the pay clerk, went shopping, wandered all around town paying the bills, took your film to the shop for development, went to the library to check out different things, lined up at the phone booth, off to the travel agent to buy tickets, and waited for the postman to do it all over again tomorrow.

That takes 10 minutes on a phone now.

Surely that gives us more free time to look at our phones.

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