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Is she the oldest person in Thailand?

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From most of the posts above, there are some interesting conclusions to draw.


The first reaction of many posters is to reject the possibility for this woman to be as old as her ID card says because, by definition, her ID card is wrong/fake/mistaken...you name it.


Not only that, but the error on the ID card can ONLY be one way...it makes her older than she really is, but not younger...why?how do they know that?


Then comes the usual perfection of computerized data...only data on a computer can be trusted...go wonder how the world worked before the computer age, which is only a few decades old...


According to their logic, we should doubt, if not reject, all the dates of events and ages of the persons, that occured and lived before the age of enlightment /computerization!


Finally, it is ironic to see posters behave (intellectually) in the same way as those (administrations, notably immigration) they decry so much for always asking for more documents/proofs, for lack of trust, making their lives miserable...go figure...


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