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Pork prices hit record high amid lower supplies due to drought

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Pork prices hit record high amid lower supplies due to drought





Pork prices have shot up in the fresh market of Betong district in Yala province in the South due to lower supplies and the upcoming Chinese New Year next week, traders said on Saturday (January 18).



The price of pigs on Saturday was around Bt80 to Bt82 per kilogram, while the price of pork was around Bt170 to Bt180 kilogram.


In 2020, the number of pigs in the market was lower than in 2019 by approximately 20 per cent, due to the drought in several areas of Thailand.


The effects of African swine fever spreading in numerous countries also had increased the cost of pigs by around Bt3 to Bt5.


Previously, pigs sold at Bt72 per kilogram while the current price of pork could reach over Bt180 per kilogram, the highest-ever in Thailand.


A pork trader said that the sharp increase in the price of pork had led to lower sales in the fresh market, making people consume meat of other animals instead.


In addition, he added that the price of pork would possibly reach Bt180 per kilogram during the Chinese New Year festival, since the price had increased by Bt5 per kilogram this week. Besides, the prices of vegetables and lime would also increase during the festival.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30380758



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-01-19



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2 hours ago, Thunder26 said:

Lower supplies due do drought or due to higher export of pork?

The swine fever epidemic among the Chinese pig population has cut supplies bigly (as The Orange One would say), and the Chinese are importing as much pork as they can lay their hands on, so fearful are they of civil unrest. Hence shortages/price increases in other countries

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9 hours ago, rooster59 said:

making people consume meat of other animals instead.

That would be rats,cats and dogs 🙄

You feel for the poor people,they just got a 6 Thb wage increase,

and inflation has already overtaken them,cost of meat and rice

going up and up, even the basic food,like Pla tu,not cheap anymore.

regards worgeordie


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