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Unreliable GPS and faulty brakes blamed after scores injured in bus crash in Nan

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Unreliable GPS and faulty brakes blamed after scores injured in bus crash in Nan




Fifteen people were injured, one seriously, when a tour bus carrying forty cyclists crashed in Nan province in northern Thailand on Saturday morning.


According to Thai media, the bus had travelled from Samut Prakan to complete a cycling trip in Nan’s Pua district. 

However, the GPS system incorrectly directed the bus to Ban Luang district.


Realising the error, the driver turned the bus around in a bid to reach Pua district. As the bus was travelling down a steep slope on the way to the correct destination, the driver said the bus suddenly developed brake failure.


The only way to stop the bus plummeting down the mountainside was to swerve right, the driver said, which forced the bus to skid off the road and into an irrigation ditch.


Most of the injured received treatment for minor injuries at the scene. The driver was taken to Nan hospital, where his condition was described as serious.


The GPS system revealed the bus had been travelling at 38 km/h at the time of the accident.

Source: Chiang Mai News



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How was the GPS unreliable ?   Sound more like user error to me.

Let's say brain failure .. When you are a smart bus (or truck) driver, you don't need the brake pedal on a descent, even if it is long ... Even if you have an automatic gearbox because it can stil

Police test the brakes yet? These excuses are not good enough. Start charging these idiot drivers with negligence or murder in cases that call for it and then and only then will things start to g

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Pah  you'd  really  think with all their  Thai  boffins  constantly inventing things before the rest of the world in a shed in nahkonnowhere they could  come up with an anti brake failsafe invention............maybe a lobotomy is easier?

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