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UK PM Johnson to impose new restrictions on low-skilled migrants post-Brexit: Telegraph

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8 minutes ago, samran said:

what’s that saying again? ‘If you are a local and you can’t get a job when someone who is new to the country, speaks the language less well and doesn’t have the connections can, it probably means you are probably useless...’

These blokes struggle with facts. I mean he probably didn’t know that thailand doles out nearly 2 million work permits for low skilled workers from neighboring countries.


The only skill needed? That they have a pulse.


Oh yes, and they get access to health care and one or two other social services like free schooling for their kids etc...



"I might be a rock star, but I'll never be a critic"

This is your tag from the bottom of your post. Didn't you just criticize?

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1 hour ago, neeray said:

I wonder where (or who) Boris got that idea from. Maybe next he'll announce the building of a wall.

Wonderful! I'll chip in a few bob for that.

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