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This will trigger more than a few :)

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Twenty hour online course no less.




Greta Thunberg and her striking students may be grabbing the headlines, but behind the scenes there's a revolution happening in climate change education.


Over the past few months, thousands of teachers across the country have been quietly signing up to become the world's first United Nations Accredited Climate Change Teachers. This new breed of teaching professionals will be tasked with taking the U.K. into a global lead in helping youngsters learn about the causes, extent and solutions to the climate issues facing the world today. “The message to teachers is; we need you, we need all of you and we need you now” said Angus Mackay, a Director at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.




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5 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Given there are no solutions proposed so far that are affordable, acceptable and doable, I'd be interested to know what they are suggesting.

Saw one of the teachers (first one to do the 20 hour course and be endorsed) on a news program here which is why I Googled it. If they stick to the science I don't see an issue with it; nothing wrong with getting kids to think about the issues. If they turn it into propaganda and scare the <deleted> out of the kids I think it sucks.



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