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Seven year old foreign boy attacked by dogs on Krabi beach - only then is there some action

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Seven year old foreign boy attacked by dogs on Krabi beach - only then is there some action




It took yet another child to be attacked before the authorities in Thailand acted to clear a beach of stray dogs. 


Following a savage attack on a five year old at Ao Nang early last year another boy - this time a seven year old out exercising with his dad - was hospitalised. 


Charoensak Temchai, 41 - the manager of Pine Bungalow on Ao Siaw beach in Nong Thalee sub-district - said that a pack of 15-16 dogs inhabited the beach where there were lots of tourists. 


He told Thai Rath that tourists had been bitten many times - but they were always adults. This time it was a child. 


The boy had tagged along after his dad who was out jogging. The family includes two younger and older girls.


Seven year old Nolan A. was taken to Wattanaphaet hospital with multiple bite wounds, the most serious under his left armpit. 



He was given multiple medications including anti-rabies shots. His holiday will now include a 4 or 5 day stay in a hospital bed.


Krabi governor Kittibadee Prawit went to visit him and his parents at the hospital armed with flowers and toys. 


He ordered vets to go to the beach and tranquilize the dogs with darts. 


Only three were shot and taken away for rabies analysis. The rest will be cleared up later. 


Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-20
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They need to start terminating them all over the country.

This kind of pack of 16 should never have been allowed to form, especially in a tourist area.   About time they started using a "dog catcher" no collar and it's collected and held in a compo

Then terminate the mangy runts.      Before continuing out into the town. 

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Years ago many sois in Bkk were infested with feral mongols roaming the streets, now, not so much and even no any, this unfortunate incident should mean immediate action on the parts of the relevant agencies, on top of making sure that the child will be taken good care of and compensated, but i will not hold my breath here...

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