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CBD oil availability

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CBD oil, high on CBD the good therapeutic components, and low on THC the hallucinations properties ( the high)

extracted from the cannabis plant, this oil is purported and proven to be the panacea for many ailments,  the Thai government has recently opened several clinics around the country where this oil is being handed out free of charge and some with payment of around a 1,000 baht a small bottle, a commendable act on the part of the Thai government and the first in Asia to do so,

My question is, dose the same service available to foreigners at all, does anyone have an experience or knowledge in this subject?...

the link below if for one of many outfits that sells them, 100% legal...


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1000 baht !!!  What a rip off. I can get an oz of good for that price.  

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None of your businesd

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