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Thailand Holiday and BKK Smog....

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I will be in Thailand In Feb 2020 (10th to 26th). My original intention was to stay in BKK for the  duration. However we do want sunshine and not smoggy skies. Any suggestions where best to go for (hopefully) sunny days?

Many thanks.....

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2 minutes ago, ThomasThBKK said:

puuuuuh though one.



Generally phuket should be okeyish, and also the other islands. Mainlands have a higher chance to be completely hazed. That said, this week everything is bad. 

Thank you ThomasTh..... am thinking maybe Samui....

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WHEW!  Just got back to Maui, Hawaii from BKK.  I spend 2 months there twice a year with myt Thai wife in condo.  Was sick for last 2 weeks and still sick for 2 weeks on Hawaii.

I cough a LOT.  "Almost flu like" conditions.


+ Before going to BKK, load-up on Vitamin C.

+ Wear a mask.  (ugh)

+ Forget about the B1 Shot.  It's worthless.

+ Drink a LOT of pure orange juice and pomagranite juice.

+ Get some "Moxxie" at Thai pharmacy.  Excellent antibiotic.

+ Definately wear a mask on flight to BKK and on BTS Skytrain.

+ Keep your hands clean and out of your mouth and nose.


My Doctor here has been to Thailand and she got sick, too.  These were her suggestions.


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Any suggestions where best to go for (hopefully) sunny days?

On 1/21/2020 at 3:28 AM, andyh said:



Go to Australia or NZ. Certainly not anywhere in the US, Canada or Europe as the weather is shiiiit as can be.

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