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Thailand road carnage: Media reveal nearly 1,000 more died last year at the scene of accidents

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Thailand road carnage: Media reveal nearly 1,000 more died last year at the scene of accidents



Thai caption: Campaign to lessen the death toll on the roads: Monday's death toll: 73

Picture: Daily News


Thailand's appalling road accident statistics showed no sign of improvement last year - in fact they were much worse despite official rhetoric that something was being done. 


Daily News reported that deaths at the scene in 2018 (January 1st to December 31st) were 13,956.


Last year in the same time period this rose to 14,907. 


Stats for 2017 (January 1st to December 25th) were 13,426 dead at the scene. 



Picture: Daily News


The media always warns that this is just fatalities at the scene of accidents. The reality is that when deaths on the way to hospitals and at hospitals themselves are included the figures are much worse. 


Senior Thai government officials including DPM Prawit Wongsuwan admitted last year that the figure was in excess of 20,000. Thai road safety advocates put it between 24,000 and 26,000 per year, notes Thaivisa.


Meanwhile, 2020 is looking just as bad as ever. 



Picture: Daily News


Daily News - in their ongoing campaign to raise awareness and try and lessen the carnage -  said 73 people died yesterday alone.


This brought the death toll for the first 20 days of January to 840 people. 


One of those who lost their lives was 48 year old Phaiboon on a motorcycle who was run over by a ten wheel truck in Kalasin in Thailand's north east. 


Source: Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-21
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Great job Thailand. You can be the world hub of road kill I have faith in you.😉

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1 minute ago, saengd said:

I'm guessing high alcohol consumption over the weekend, still in the blood stream on Monday morning, maybe.

Thanks for your reply. To be honest, I did think that, but I would've thought that accidents would be higher on the weekend itself, unless people are drinking loads and not driving? Just thought it to be a little strange for Mondays to be the highest.

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