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Police arrested suspect using ‘haunted house’ to store drugs

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Police arrested suspect using ‘haunted house’ to store drugs

By The Nation




The Metropolitan Police on January 21 evening arrested Petchchai Pinsakul, 26, an alleged drug agent in Phitsanulok. 


Petchchai reportedly confessed to police that he had hidden 138,000 methamphetamine pills, which he had bought from another suspect, Nirun Chansri, 31, in an abandoned house a day before he was captured.


Locals believed the house, in which two people had died, was haunted. People in the area were discouraged from staying in it or even passing by. Suspect Petchchai, however, thought the ‘haunted’ rumours would make it a safe hiding place for the drugs. 


After his arrest, he identified Nirun, which soon led to his arrest. Police founded 20,000 meth pills and a 9mm gun inside Nirun’s house. Both had identical meth pills, which had been transferred from a neighbouring country.


The officers brought the two suspects and the seized 158,000 meth pills to the inquiry official in Phitsanulok Police Station. Both will be prosecuted for being in possession and distribution of drugs.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30380910



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-01-22
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Haunted by the phii without a head in the photo, apparently. Scary.

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