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Professor arrested for spending $185K of grant money on iTunes and strippers

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Chikaodinaka Nwankpa, a former professor at Drexel University, is facing federal charges for high-rolling with federal grant research funds.


The 57-year-old was arrested on Monday and charged with theft by unlawful taking and theft by deception.

According to NBC News, the charges were filed after an internal audit revealed ongoing suspicious activity between July 2007 and April 2017. Nwankpa stands accused of using grant money to reimburse himself for unauthorized and “no receipt” purchases. 


The university launched an investigation and placed Nwankpa on administrative leave, leading Nwankpa to resign. 

The investigation rendered very disturbing information.


According to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Nwankpa spent more than $96,000 on ‘“goods and services” provided by Cheerleaders, Club Risque, and Tacony Club–all adult entertainment venues.


He also frequented sports bars and blew over $89,000 on iTunes purchases, meals, and other unauthorized transactions. Although the professor argued that the charges were simply for catering and food, many of the transactions occurred on weekends, between midnight and 2am. 


“This is an example of flagrant and audacious fraud, and a shameful misuse of public funds,” U.S. Attorney William McSwain stated. “The agencies providing these grant funds expect them to be used towards advancements in energy and naval technology or public benefit, not for personal entertainment.”


Drexel University officials have since issued a  statement regarding the issue.


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Nothing wrong with that.  At least he is happy.

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There's so much waste and corruption out there. The corruption and abuse is rampant in government and anywhere government money flows. No wonder the US is in such a divided state. It would be a dream come true to see any of these thieves locked away for life especially if they are stealing from the government. I doubt it will happen to any. The people need to deal with them on the street to get real fair accountability.

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