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Lopburi gold shop suspect: He's a former cop's son who says he did it for the thrill

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Lopburi gold shop suspect: He's a former cop's son who says he did it for the thrill



Picture: Sanook


Further details have emerged into the background of the man police in Lopburi say robbed a gold shop on January 9th killing three innocent people in cold blood. 


Thirty eight year old Prasittichai "Golf" Khaokaew has reported said that he committed the callous crime because he wanted a thrill. He was bored with his life and wanted a challenge. 


Police are skeptical about these claims. What they do know for sure is that their man is the son of one of their own. His father is a former police officer, reported Sanook. 


(It has further been reported elsewhere that his mother was a teacher). 


Golf is the director of a primary school (Wat Pho Chai school) in nearby Singburi though he resides in Lopburi. 


Crime Suppression Division became aware of Golf's identity a week ago after tips from the public. Since then they have been involved in evidence gathering. 


They got a warrant for his arrest on Tuesday and then heavily armed officers stopped the suspect on Wednesday morning as he drove his BMW Series 5 car to school along Route 311 in Tha Wung sub-district of Lopburi.


He offered no resistance and reportedly said he expected to be arrested. The takedown was made by the special task force team known as "Hanuman". 


No gun was found in his possession but police found a lot of 9mm ammunition the same as that used in the heist. 


The gun - a Czech made CZ SP 01 - was the property of his father. He had given it back to him the day after the robbery. 


He was taken to the tourist police station following his arrest. 


The 2008 red Yamaha Fino motorcycle used in the robbery was borrowed from his father-in-law and has since been returned to him. 


Head of the team involved in the investigations Pol Maj-Gen Jiraphop Phuridech thanked the public for their help. Much of this had been provided to the CSD through online interaction. 


More details will be given at a press conference scheduled for RTP headquarters in Bangkok at 10.30 today. 


Yesterday in Lopburi a clearly relieved national police chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda told the massed ranks of the media that he was quite sure they had got their man and that he was not a scapegoat. 


Elsewhere in the media a relative of one of the three people shot - an employee of the Aurora gold shop - indicated that the murder had nothing to do with jealousy. 


Surakit, the father of Thidarat Thongthip, 31, said he had never seen nor met the suspect. 


The heist shocked Thailand as three people - including a two year old boy -  were viciously killed and only 500,000 baht of gold was stolen. 


It has been reported that the gold has been dumped in a river. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-23
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1 hour ago, bkk6060 said:

Ok Johnny Cochran.


Everything is true they have his DNA from the scene.

And the gun. And the gold.


Way too many threads on the same subject for people to keep up.

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1 hour ago, CGW said:

I'm used to making a fool of myself so I will have a go at stating what I find wrong 🙂

The motive changes by the hour, was it a "hit", did he do it for the money as he was in debt, or did he do it for the "thrill", jealousy was a part? regardless - he then went calmly out that night for a meal!

DNA, do the 'Police" now have a mobile testing lab, if so where is it accredited? Sweat sample, murder, carnage, chaos, lots of people, yet this newly established unit managed to match sweat samples from the perp, given their history with all things criminal & DNA, I can't help but wonder?

To an intelligent comment I can always answer indirectly, what I wrote I did not say that it is not the killer, but what I meant and that will never come true because simply, the killer could be a professional killer paid by someone very powerful that probably not even the killer knows.

Have matter to reflect also in this way.

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