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Escaped prisoner sends postcard to prison directors, 'Greetings from Thailand'

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At least he has a sense of humour

Yup. The RTP are all over it. He doesn't stand a chance and will be in Bangkwang before sundown.

If he is clever enough to escape from prison he is no doubt clever enough to use a compatriot to muddy the waters as to his actual whereabouts. Interpol should find it easy to corroborate this with Th

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What an amateur!


If I were him I would have sent a postcard "Greetings from Istanbul" stuffed in an envelope "Made in China", closed with Finnish reindeer glue and decorated with Japanese "Hello Kitty" stickers, posted from Ulan Bataar with a poste restante return address in Paraguay.

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Funny, but if the guy has any brains he would actually be on an entirely different continent. The funny postcard being an attempt to throw the police off his scent. 

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8 hours ago, Liverpudlian said:

Cool hand luke ??

haha good one.  I remember that part in the movie he sent back a post card.  It didn't go well when they re-captured him.  I guess the guards and prison warden did not have a sense of humor 

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