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Sugar cane farmer: Burning is necessary - Go ahead "jail us all!"

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Sugar cane farmer: Burning is necessary - Go ahead "jail us all!"
Thai caption: Sugar cane burning is necessary
Picture: 77kaoded
An angry sugar cane farmer in the east of Thailand has hit out at being singled out and blamed for the 2.5 PM smog crisis. 
Bamphen Napha who has 1,000 rai in Sa Kaeo province said that sugar cane farmers were in the dock and were being blamed for crimes against society and the country, reported 77kaoded.
He said he faced going to jail for years and the punishment would be worse than being accused of theft. 
He claimed that burning the remnants of crops was an economic necessity. 
It has been reported elsewhere that farmers would have to lose 30-40% of their income if they are forced to pay workers to cut down old stems rather than simply burn them - a much cheaper option. 
Picture: 77kaoded
Bamphen said that if he is prosecuted he wants to see all sugar cane growers all over the country thrown in jail. 
The prisons will be full, he warned.
He said he is seriously considering abandoning sugar cane, a crop he has grown in the province for 30 years before the sugar mills even came. 
The Thai media said that 2.5 PM levels in Sa Kaeo were the worst in the east of Thailand. 
A local agricultural organization has reported some success in limiting the burning but the problem persists. 
Source: 77kaoded
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-23
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