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Phuket investigation

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Dear Members , 


We are investigating a crime scene and in order to get a clear view we need a video -  IT expert to give us some feedback , its in a matter of a criminal charge and as we all know , as a '' Farang '' we are on our own . 


On request  2 videos off IP cameras , if someone can give us info on brand - licence plate or driver picture … would be great , its off course specialized work but well rewarded xx xxx thb if we get a clear view on one of the 3 requirements . 


Do pls spare the details , and don't ask details , its a crime scene with attempt murder where a Farang and his child could lost there live . 


All is at prosecution level and is additional proof at court . 


Regards , 


Phuket investigation , 


PM me if you think your a computer and video nerd.



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All sounds very professional. 

Obviously you lack the resources that are needed to be a 'real' private investigator. 

Leave it to the boys is brown. Offer them the reward and they will move mountains for you if the price is right. 

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