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Farmers burning sugarcane face additional fees for milling their crop

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yeah  sure  right.........so  you have an inspector at every  factory day and night 24hours who is  unbribeable do you........more total and utter BS from the useless non elected govt who  love to sho

Unless I'm going mad (quite possible) I recall a very similar headline a few months back.   The net result has been, of course, zero.  

even  more  hilarious

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Given most Thai are pretty resourceful, I would expect any extra fee for "burnt cane" would very quickly burn out given most would realise, cut it green, then burn the thrash in the paddock.

Same as happens in many instances in Aus.

Fine for those who say"plough it back in to the ground" but if one considers dust to dust effect, there are many things used to get this trash back into the ground.

Fuel, oils, new tractors, new ploughs ( old draught horses too slow and greenies won't let anyone cut a tree down to build a plough these days)

and the time.

A match does it in no time.

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5 hours ago, webfact said:

Farmers burning sugarcane face additional fees for milling their crop

For every fee, there is an extra brown envelops from the influential Agricultural organizations


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