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U.S. Justice Dept says it should not have continued spying on former Trump adviser

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2 hours ago, riclag said:

Your going to go to a March 2019 source  and use McCabe  that was fired from the FBI for not being candid (lying) with Congress! 

Then you use a 2018  outdated lawfare source !

The dossier has been debunked, the author is reported to be unreliable and  exaggerated second hand info and rumors from Russian sources!


Give  up, the IG exposed the FBI and Steele through what little his scope would allow him,now comes Durham 

"Much was omitted. Among other things, the IG slammed the FBI’s Validation Management Unit for excluding in its validation report its conclusion that it had failed to “identify any corroboration for Steele’s election reporting among the information that the Crossfire Hurricane team had collected.”




This is what I expect to happen:


1. Carter Page will win either via summary judgment or trial on his existing civil lawsuit.

2. Any person involved in obtaining his warrant will be indicted including Comey. If convicted, gaol.


Any other result would destroy the FBI and the US Criminla justice system. As all the forms say:

"Under penalty of perjury".


Any result

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1 hour ago, riclag said:

I could care less what your old pre IG report  sources say ! I made my point in my previous comments ! The dossier and the author have been debunked 

The IG report was about the process followed, not about the examination of the content of the report. The linked article basically compares the Steele report with the Mueller report. As far as I know the Mueller report is not outdated. It is not true that the full Steele report has been debunked. A large part of it has been corroborated.

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