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Thai ghosts: Appearance of mysterious figure at level crossing sends Thai netizens into meltdown

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Thai ghosts: Appearance of mysterious figure at level crossing sends Thai netizens into meltdown



Picture: Daily News


Thai netizens were avidly debating whether a mysterious female figure at an accident site was really a ghost or just a curious onlooker. 


The figure - who Daily News said was dressed in old world clothing - appeared on a picture taken on a mobile phone by someone at the scene of the level crossing collision in Ngiw Rai, Nakon Chaisri on Wednesday night. 


Some onliners were convinced it was a ghost - others called for verification from paranormal experts. 



Picture: Daily News


Apparently no one at the scene knew the women or had ever seen her. 


Foundation worker Kittikhun was in no doubt that someone had clearly died in place of someone else. 


He heard a woman wailing at the scene. And everyone else heard dogs barking, so it must be true. 


What facts that have emerged are that Phitak, 55, was in a pick-up carrying palm sugar that got stuck on the rails at the crossing. 


Despite frantic help from some passing bicyclists they could not shift the vehicle before the Thonburi to Ratchaburi train arrived. 


Source: Daily News




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18 minutes ago, Jane Dough said:

That's what I thought. You could have called me "Skeptical of Ratchayothin" before I started looking more deeply at the overwhelming evidence. 


I even just went to check that the front door was firmly bolted. 



I think that would probably be a horse.

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57 minutes ago, Chazar said:

takes  a longtime for anyone to help, I particularly  liked the lorries trying to squeeze  past........me  first

When the train hit the pickup it was like something out of a cartoon , ' What can I do to move my pickup ? '   WALLOP !

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