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Would you change your religion for "love" or any other reason?

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I was born Catholic and I will die as lapsed Catholic.


At the immigration office I saw withe male displaying stone studded cross and on the same chain about the same size Buddha amulet. It did not help him, immigration officer asked him to update something. 

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1 minute ago, smutcakes said:

Each to their own but that would have me running a mile! Living by the teachings of a religion is one thing, but when it starts to affect your actual life, not for me. surely the way she can change religion, become a devout follower so quickly rings alarm bells on the possible craziness scale?


I think she was just fed up with a fake buddhist religion here. Also... All these private schools that their parents put them in Bangkok are catholic. But I don't see how it will affect my life to be honest more than the ever intruding daily Thai Buddhism. 

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People in the know believe more in ET’s than ‘God/Allah’ (take your pick).

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