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Hotels and beaches around Chanthaburi, trat, Rayong

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Hi Im up in the north around Buri Ram(well usually when not serving my 2 year country arrest to make my pension portable), I will be back for a 4 week release over most of April and want to travel south a bit to see more of the country.

This is also to find places to take the extended family kids for holidays as well.

As it only just over 350k's from where my usual abode is I can get the trusty truck down there for some scouting.

Looking for nice beach areas and reasonable accomadation, preferrable well run as would like to make it an annual thing for the kids.

I will be avoiding like the plague the Songkran dates, so will probably be late April as I fly back to Oz on 4th of May.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Had  Chao  Lao  is  a  long,   flat  beach  in  Chanthaburi  province.  It  is  usually  calm  and  clear  and  safe  for  swimming  although  I  have  been  there  when  the  entire  beach  fills  with  washed  up  garbage.  Accommodation  is  available  in  all  price  ranges  from  200  baht  to  2,000  baht  per  night.  I  think  more  than  100  resorts  there.  

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