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First Time Bangkok, What to expect?

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Hi everyone, as akward as this question is, dont know where else to ask.

I'm visiting Bangkok/Asia for the first time this year. Ive been reading alotte about Bangkok's famous Gay bars/massages/sauna's.

I'm very exited about it, however when i read about the sauna's, i see or read the same thing as in Western Europe :

"Muscles are hot, anorexia skinny is hot, Normal is not."

i live in Europe and despite going from 96 KG to 70 KG, i am still invisible in the Gay scene here, despite being in my 20's.

Dont get me wrong, i still would visit the famous sauna's like Babylon or Chakran, even if i would get some odd looks without clothes, just so i can say ive seen it.

So my question is, are Thai men the same ?

Do you need to be this perfect skinny or muscle model to get attention ? (Because i might as well order a "massage" instead of waisting money in the sauna's trying right ?")

(Just trying to get a realistic view of Bangkok Gay Scene and Thai men.)

(Also is it a myth they prefer hairy men ? personally i prefer smooth, i suppose i could stop shaiving if it helps my chances)


Thanks you guys for taking the time. 🙂

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Troll post removed.  

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Just do it and find out. Much better than asking for opinions here.

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