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Water Pump problem. DIY? Meh. Why bother?

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5 minutes ago, Vacuum said:

How long was the warranty for the paint job on the wall?  :tongue:

Who cares.  I'm not climbing up a ladder and risk injury to get paint all over myself and clothing and inhaling paint fumes.  I did that as a child to make spending money.


I'm an adult now with a real job. Painters tend to be stupid.


By the way, do you use Zero VOC paint?


Hey if you enjoy inhaling toxic fumes in order to save 150B, knock yourself out.  Literally. 😅

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Interesting the Hitachi pump you installed , outs lasted 14 months, the electronics package failed so it just kept operating and overheating. The  warranty for is 5 years, but that is ONLY the motor; nothing else on the pump, no electrics, valves etc. Its just be sent to Bangkok for repairs 4,500 baht and 45 days????


We installed the Danish Grundfos instead while other is being fixed. Normally 20,000 baht we got it for 13,000 baht in CNX. Warranty is 10 years on the pump and 2 years for all other parts. Think about what you have done so far.

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