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Thailand's December foreign tourist arrivals up 2.48% year-on-year - ministry

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The spokesman who made this statement, did so while furiously trying to remove his pants... which were on fire.

When will they stop all this fake news......LOL

Yes, yes, of course they are................and the earth is flat, the moon is made of cheese,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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3 hours ago, RotBenz8888 said:

The mystery remains unsolved, where the hell are all these tourists????

Maybe in Udon Thani. There did seem to be alot more farangs about over Christmas and the New year. More than last year.

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3 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

How many of my out and back into Thailand trips do they count.  I left and returned over all 4 weekends in December, am on an O-A Multi entry.  If they counted me all 4 times and yet I live here long stay, how does that skew their stats.......

Exactly, plus endless visa runs and of course the plane stopovers with no transit lounge so in out add another plane full!!5555

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Every last one of these tourism officials and coupsters should be jailed for destroying the country with these fake Chinese misfits and lying to the Thai people. Thais have had there lives destroyed by this racist and incompetant bunch of losers.

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3 hours ago, Duck J Butters said:

As far as Phuket is concerned, it really depends on where you are located and what sort of tourists your business is targeting. Tourism to Patong Beach is down quite a bit for sure but it’s still very crowded in January. Tourism in Northwest and Centralwest Phuket like Laguna, Kamala, Naithon is way up. Try to book a 5 star hotel right now in one of these areas. Many of the top hotels in this part of Phuket are sold out. 


Patong Beach attracts a cheap, lower class type of tourist that doesn’t spend a lot of money. The cheaper backpacker tourist is disappearing in Phuket, simply because they have been priced out. It’s too expensive for them to stay in Phuket.


For example, Phuket, due to the fact that it’s run by the Thai mafia, has the most expensive taxis in the world. More expensive than Tokyo, Japan ( This is why you own a car if you live in Phuket ). This is because the mafia beats up any competitors like Grab Taxi drivers. There are a few Grab Taxi drivers in Phuket but they all work for the mafia now so they’re able to control the price. So yeah, you’re looking at 500 baht to drive 6 minutes in a taxi in Phuket. If you’re a backpacker tourist, the cost of taxis alone is enough to scare you away from Phuket. 

In other parts of Phuket, it’s a different story. Tourism is way up and it’s mostly the wealthy family crowd. Lots of families are coming to Phuket. These tourists spend big money and have stupid amounts of wealth. These are the kinds of tourists that can afford $18k usd / night at Amanpuri or Trisara.


I would argue that luxury tourism is way up in Phuket but that backpacker tourism is way down. A luxury tourist probably === 100 cheap tourists so....


I could imagine tourism being down in Samui though. Samui never really caught on in my opinion and never will. We were looking to open a clinic there but opted not to do so after doing our research. It’s a poor long term real estate and business investment. The reason Phuket took off and is still the best place in Thailand to invest your money is because it has an international airport. I mean heck, I can be in downtown Bangkok from my house in Phuket in under 2.5 hours. It takes some people that long to get to work in Bangkok traffic, and they live in Bangkok. I personally couldn’t live in Samui because they simply they don’t have all amazing “developed country” perks that Phuket has. Phuket has everything that most developed countries in the world have so that’s part of its appeal, especially for the wealthy retirement crowd.


Hands down, if I had to pick between Hawaii and Phuket for retirement, I would pick Phuket. I have properties in both places so I would know. Hawaii is really nice but it’s extremely boring. Besides surfing and beach volleyball and quality wacky tabaccy, there is nothing to do there and you can’t just quickly fly to a major city like Bangkok, or Kuala Lampur or Hong Kong for a fun night out, dinner, or shopping.

Just checked Laguna offering. They have plenty of options available as well as full-booked/one room only left seem to have available rooms through different sites or asking directly from hotel. Therefore I wouldn't say how much more customers they have compared last year. 

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Please dictator ministers stop lie. It was the worst December in years, January same. 

This government daily comes with new lies, about tourism no's, air quality, bringing bath down, .....

Nothing is done, only filling their own pockets.


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